What is a phage or bacteriophage?
Phages are viruses that infect bacterial cells. There are several types of phages that have been used as vehicles for phage display including Ff filamentous phage, Lambda and T7. In phage display, the bacteriophages are used to construct different phage libraries as peptide libraries or antibody library
History of phage display
Phage display technology was first introduced in 1985 by George Smith. After that many advantages have been introduced including the way to construct a phage library like antibody library to select phage display antibodies.
Advantages of phage display
Phage display is a system for large scale study and selection of proteins, peptide and antibodies based on their binding affinity and specificity. One advantage of phage display is the enormous diversity of variant proteins that can be represented in a phage library. Phage display provides a means of rapidly screening large numbers of proteins against potential binding partners.
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Antibody production

Antibody production overview and services

In this website you can find information of antibody production using the hybridoma technlogy including the purification step of antibodies. We provide custom antibody production for reserach project and companies.


Overview of antibody production

Antibody production can be performed using different technologies as hybridoma technology or phage display. In this page, we will focus on antibody production using the hybridoma technology.


Antigen preparation for antibody production

Antibody preparation is an important  before start producing antibody. It is important the quality of the antigen. Your antigen can be a native protein, a recombinant protein or synthetic peptides. It has to been taken in consideration if native proteins are used that if they are not purified that antibody can be obtained againt immunogenic contaminant in the sample. Recombinant proteins can be expressed in different system being the most common used the one based in E.coli. baculovirus expression can be used to obtain glycosilated proteins, and mammalian expression system when the protein need to be in it native conformation including modification made in golgi and ER. Synthetic peptide are used when we want to obtain antibodies against lineal short sequences. The peptides are conjugated to BSA or other carrier before to be used to immunize mices.

Immunization of mice for antibody production

Several mice are immunized with the antigen starting with a certain amount diluted in complete adjevant, after a couple of week a second boot are injected in incompleted adjevant. This process are repeat until a high antibody titer are reached in the mice againt the antigen used.


Hybridoma production for antibody production

When the mouse produce a high serum titer against the antigen, the spleen are removed and the B-cells are isolated. These B-cells have not the capacity to live for long so it is important to fussed them with a myoloma cell line which have the capacity to live indefinitelly.


Screening to identify antibody production clones

Single clones are analyzed using dilution approach using microwell plates. The culture supernatants are analyzed in indirect ELISA coating the plated with the target antigen and a negative control antigen.


Antibody production services

We can provide different type antibody production services including phage display and antibiody production using the hybridoma technology. Phage display services have ben find here. Custon antibody production services with hybridoma technology are we done againt native protein, recombinant protein and synthetic peptides. We even product antibodies againts other antigen, just send us an inquiry with you requirements.

Dont hesitate to contact us regarding any of our service of antibody production. Online inquiry



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